Certificate Program

Code Course Title Credits
Year 1 Summer Semester
EMT2010 The Human Body & Human Systems 3
EMT2021 Pharmacology & Medication Administration 1
EMT2025 Medication Administration Seminar & Internship 2
EMT2110 Introduction to ALS 2
Fall Semester
EMT2111 Cardiovascular Emergencies 4
EMT2115 Cardiology Seminar and Internship 2
EMT2120 Medical Emergencies 4
EMT2125 Medical Seminar and Internship 2
Spring Semester
EMT2130 Traumatic Emergencies 4
EMT2135 Trauma Seminar and Internship 2
EMT2140 Special Populations 3
EMT2145 Special Populations Seminar and Internship 2
EMT2150 EMS Operations 2
Summer Term
EMT2160 Integration of ALS 3
EMT2250 Team Lead Seminar and Internship 2

NOTE: All students interested in the paramedic program should meet with the Faculty Lead prior to registering.