Ohio’s career clusters, pathways, and programs can advise you on your way to graduation and beyond high school. This framework provides a guide, bridging secondary and postsecondary learning and creating programs of study for a range of career options. You can begin career tech in middle school, discovering your interests, your passions, and the educational and career pathways where you might best excel.

Ohio College Tech Prep provides pathways that let you seamlessly transfer skills and credits from high school into a higher education degree and a rewarding career.

By planning your coursework, you can:

  • Take advantage of opportunities to excel in your chosen field.
  • Save money on tuition.
  • Earn college credits that can shorten the time it takes to earn your degree by months or even years.

If you participated in Career Tech in high school or attended a career center, you’ve probably earned college credit you can apply toward a degree program at Belmont College. You may have earned industry-recognized credentials which, when combined with your technical courses, will prepare you to enter the workforce.

These opportunities often offer you enough credits to complete your first semester of college, or to earn enough to graduate with your associate degree. Many of your technical education classes will qualify for free college credit through articulation agreements between your high school or career center and Belmont College through Career-Technical C-TAG credit, which is an agreement between your high school and all Ohio Public State Colleges and Universities.