Initiated by: Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness
Reviewed by: Policy Coordinator
Approved by: Dr. Paul F. Gasparro, President


Belmont College is committed to high standards of integrity, honesty, and accountability. Employees must exhibit an elevated degree of personal integrity at all times. This requires sincere respect for the rights of others, and refraining from any behavior that might be harmful to one’s self, other members of the College community, or the College. Employees must also refrain from behavior that would cast the College in an unfavorable light in the view of the communities served by the College.

Policy Statement

Provide employees with a clear understanding of the standards of conduct expected of them and what is considered unacceptable conduct. Belmont College employees will act within the ethical standards of the College.

Persons Affected

All employees of Belmont College.


Code of Conduct – a statement and description of required behaviors, responsibilities, and actions expected of employees.

Bullying/Hazing – any act which causes, or is likely to cause, physical or mental harm or which demeans or tends to demean a person.


Employees at all levels will promote an organization of honesty, integrity and compliance with policies and procedures and will comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Belmont College employees are expected to present a clean, neat, and professional appearance.  Employees should dress and groom themselves according to the requirements of their position.

Unacceptable Conduct

In consideration of Belmont College’s responsibilities, the mandate of the Ohio Revised Code, and the principles stated, Belmont College declares that the practices listed below are unacceptable conduct/behaviors for employees of the College:

  • Preventing, impeding, or disrupting, or attempting to prevent, impede, or disrupt any College activity including, but not limited to, the disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or other College activities, including the College’s public service functions or of other authorized activities, on College-owned or –controlled property.
  • Endangering the personal health, safety, and welfare by threatening, attempting, or committing physical or verbal abuse or violence against any person.
  • Theft or damage to property of the College or of property of a member of the College community or the property of a visitor to the College.
  • Unauthorized entry to or use of College facilities, including both buildings and grounds.
  • Using language that is degrading or abusive to any person.
  • Use, possession, or distribution of narcotic or illegal drugs on College-owned or -controlled property.
  • Furnishing false information to the College.
  • Illegal or unauthorized possession or use of firearms, projectile weapons, knives, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or other weapons on College-owned and -controlled property. The Ohio Revised Code describes “firearms “as: any deadly weapon capable of expelling or propelling one or more projectiles by the action of an explosive or combustible propellant. “Firearm” includes an unloaded firearm, and any firearm that is inoperable but that can readily be rendered operable including compressed air guns, such as pellet or BB guns.
  • Disorderly conduct, breach of the peace, and aiding, abetting, or procuring another to breach the peace of Belmont College-owned and -controlled property or at College-sponsored or -supervised functions.
  • Excessive unauthorized absenteeism or tardiness, including absence without acceptable notification to their supervisor.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance or the unauthorized possession, sale, or consumption of alcoholic beverages in or on College property.
  • Unauthorized use of College supplies or equipment for personal purposes.
  • Violation of any College policy or procedure.
  • Failure to maintain a license, certification, or other required qualification.
  • Inappropriate handling of any College document or record including, without limitation, tampering with employee files or information contained within such files in any manner that seeks personal benefit, or permits others to benefit personally, or knowingly permits the inclusion of false, inaccurate, or misleading information.
  • Bullying/hazing any member of the College community.


Persons who violate these regulations may be removed from College property, suspended from Belmont College, or liable for potential legal prosecution, as may be appropriate for any individual member of the College community (any penalties assessed as a result of the violation of any of these regulations shall be imposed according to due process).


The Ohio Revised Code also stipulates: “It shall be sufficient cause for the removal of teachers and public employees in the public schools or any state-supported educational institution when such teacher or public employee advocates, or willfully retains membership in an organization which advocates overthrow of the government of the United States or of the State, by force, violence, or other unlawful means.”

Any questions or concerns of this policy should be forwarded in a written request or question to the Human Resources department.

Policy 515.0200.20

Section 5, Human Resources

Responsible College Officer: Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness
Revised: May 2022