The Business Office supports our students and the mission of Belmont College by managing financial functions, from processing tuition payments to keeping students updated on their accounts. We are also responsible for such services as accounts payable, billings and collections, and parking permits. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Student Accounts

Payment options

Current students can make payments using their student online account at MyBelmont. Login to the site to access your information,

Mail check payments to the Business Office. Include your student ID number and/or full name on the check. Receipts are mailed upon request only.

Pay in person at the Business Office during regular office hours.

Payments are accepted in the form of cash, check, American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa.

Financial Aid Resources

Student Refund Information

Refund Policy

Refund of Tuition and Eligible Fees*

To receive a refund of tuition and eligible fees, follow the withdrawal procedure prescribed by the College. Tuition and other eligible fees are refundable according to the following schedule:

Prior to the first day of class 100%
1–14 days from the 1st day of class 100%
15 days and beyond NO REFUND

Refunds of instructional fees (tuition) and eligible fees are based on the first calendar day of the term. The refund schedule will be adjusted proportionately for flexibly scheduled courses. Refunds do not apply to non-refundable fees and/or deposits.

*This College refund policy is separate and distinct from the Title IV Pro-Rata Financial Aid Refund.

Refunds Due to Withdrawal or Overpayment

A refund created from an over-payment or withdrawal from a course during the refund period will be issued after 14 calendar days from the start of the term. Refunds are mailed to the student’s permanent address listed with the Registrar’s Office. Please verify the address on file by clicking on the “Personal Info” tab next to your name after logging in to MyBelmont The address on file will be under the “Biographical Info” tab. Students can expect to receive their refund check within 10-14 business days from the refund posting date. If a refund check is not received in 14 calendar days a stop payment and reissue of the funds can completed upon request.

Financial Aid Refund Information

Your financial aid disbursement is based on your current enrollment and whether you’ve completed all requirements to receive your financial aid. You can check your award amounts and status on MYFAO, your online financial aid office. Review the financial aid refund schedule for specific date details. Refunds will be issued only if your student account is paid in full and has a credit balance. A credit balance indicates your tuition is paid and there is a remaining balance that could be refunded to you.

Financial aid awards will begin to be posted to student accounts during the fifth week of the term; this is an approximate time frame and may not be exact. If you have been awarded financial aid, and your award exceeds your cost of attendance (tuition, fees, and bookstore charges), you may receive a refund.

Direct Loan awards will be posted in two equal disbursements within the semester. As a result, the first disbursement may not fully cover the cost of tuition and fees. As a student, this means that your excess funds (refund) may not be available on your account until the second disbursement occurs. The second disbursement of direct loans, the remaining 50%, will be posted to your student account balance during the midpoint of the term.

Belmont College partners with Heartland ECSI to process financial aid refunds through the RefundSelect program. Students with a completed FAFSA will receive an email from Heartland ECSI via their Belmont College email account. This email provides instructions for registration and includes a unique “Heartland Key” needed to complete the process. Once registration is complete a refund disbursement method selection may be made.

How to make your refund method selection – once you received an email with your Heartland Key:

  1. Login to Click Sign in or Register
  2. Create your profile – setup a unique login and password
  3. Continue setup with contact and security information
  4. Enter your Heartland Key to connect your account
  5. Make your refund method selection from the disbursement methods:
    • Direct deposit to your existing account
    • Paper check. Please allow 7-10 business days to receive a check

If you have not received email from Heartland ECSI by the end of the second week of your first term, contact Heartland ECSI Customer Service at 1-844-760-6052 to request that your Heartland key be resent. Hours of operation are 8:00am to 8:00pm (EST).

Your refund may be delayed if your address information on file is incorrect. To verify that your address is accurate, log into My Belmont and click the “Personal Info” tab next to your name. The address on file will be under the “Biographical Info” tab. If you need to change your address, click on the pencil icon after “Name, Address, and Personal Details.” Enter your correct address information and click “submit.”

Students must be aware of the policy regarding their enrollment status because it affects their financial aid. Before any financial aid assistance is issued, you must submit all necessary documents to the Financial Aid Office. If you have questions regarding your award and/or refund amount, contact the Financial Aid Office at 740.699.5154.

Academic Calendar – Important Dates

Semester – Important Dates SM24 FA24 SG25
Mail Statements 04/23/24 07/19/24 12/13/24
Tuition & Fees Due 05/21/24 08/19/24 01/06/25
Semester Begins 05/28/24 08/26/24 01/13/25
Last Day to Add or Drop w/out Record 06/04/24 09/03/24 01/21/25
Last Day for 100% Refund 06/11/24 09/09/24 01/27/25
FA Applied 1 (Loan-50%) (Tentative) 07/08/24 09/27/24 02/14/25
Refund Disbursement 1 (Tentative) 07/19/24 10/04/24 02/24/25
FA Applied 2 (Loan-50%) (Tentative) 07/10/24 10/25/24 03/21/25
Refund Disbursement 2 (Tentative) 07/19/24 11/01/24 03/30/25
Semester Ends 08/02/24 12/13/24 05/9/25

Office hours

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm

Contact us

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