Associate of Arts Degree

Code Course Title Credits
Year 1 Fall Semester
ENG1110 Composition I 3
FYE1110 Student Learning & Success 3
Elective Math Elective - MAT1128 Recommended 3
Elective Natural Science Electives 3-4
Elective Social & Behavioral Science Electives - PSY1120 & SOC1110 Recommended 6
Spring Semester
COM1115 Speech 3
ENG1120 or ENG1125 Composition II or Critical Writing 3
Elective Arts & Humanities Electives - ENG2105 & PHL2120 Recommended 6
Elective Natural Science Elective 4-5
Year 2 Fall Semester
Elective Arts & Humanities Electives - HUM2110 Recommended 6
Elective Social & Behavioral Science Elective - ANT2110 Recommended 3
Elective Free Electives* 6
Spring Semester
Elective Arts & Humanities Elective 3
Elective Social & Behavioral Science Elective 3

*Free electives may be used to fulfill four-year institutional division prerequisite requirements. Free electives may be selected from any college-level courses offered by Belmont College. Consultation with an advisor is critical to ensure you are choosing the correct free electives that will transfer into the junior and senior years of your four-year program of study.