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The Associate of Arts (AA) degree program is designed to give you the transferrable skills to continue your education beyond Belmont College. The Associate of Arts degree can be tailored to apply to a range of majors at the bachelor’s degree level at most four-year colleges and universities. Featuring classes such as English, history, social sciences, and business, the Associate of Arts degree is equivalent to the freshman and sophomore years of a Bachelor of Arts degree program.  This program offers the option of studying either fully online or in-person on campus.

If you haven’t focused your interest on one area of study, the AA degree provides a knowledge of liberal arts. A range of liberal arts elective courses across disciplines gives you a range of options in choosing transferrable courses.

The Associate of Arts degree requires a minimum of 65 semester credit hours for graduation.

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What you’ll learn

  • Pursue and synthesize knowledge through discipline-specific and interdisciplinary discovery processes and critical thinking.
  • Achieve self-understanding in relation to others and develop a realistic understanding of life and its opportunities.
  • Integrate socially by developing a defined sense of human community, take responsibility for your role, and work collaboratively.
  • Demonstrate open-mindedness as you cultivate intellectual curiosity, flexibility in thinking, problem solving strategies, and a broad critical perspective that values diversity of thought.
  • Be globally responsible by recognizing the interdependence of global forces and local contexts, becoming sensitive to the concerns of diverse cultures.
  • Behave ethically as you develop values based on a belief in the worth and dignity of human beings, apply ethical principles in making decisions, and accept the social consequences of actions.
  • Communicate effectively by reading and listening with understanding and expressing complex ideas in spoken and written forms.

2+2 Transfer Options

Based on Ohio Department of Higher Education transfer guidelines, any class indicated in the course elective information will transfer to any public college or university in the state of Ohio, as will any TAGs (Transfer Assistance Guides) approved class.


Jodi McFarland
Professor of Mathematics 
Faculty Lead: Associate of Arts and Associate of Science