Sometimes the Best Decisions Come Easy

“For me, picking Belmont was easy. I knew I wanted to get into HVAC because the nature of the work suited me, and there’s high demand for trained technicians in that field. I definitely made the right decision.

The hands-on learning was a great fit for me and helped me to learn all the skills I’d need to make my way. Some of the highlights of my time at Belmont were meeting new people, collaborating with my classmates, and learning from the wonderful instructors.

During my last semester at the School I took an internship at Mountain Aire Heating and Air Conditioning in Wheeling. Then shortly after I graduated, my education and hard work really started paying off. I was offered a full-time job at Mountain Aire, and later moved to the Cleveland/Akron area.

I’m now at Best Commercial Energy Services, where I work mainly on commercial and light residential equipment. As part of the job, I travel throughout Ohio and I get to see so much. If you’re looking for opportunity and job security, HVAC is a great profession to get into. And if you’re looking to get into HVAC, Belmont College is the place to go.”

Your future starts here.

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