College Credit Plus Enrollment Checklist

A step-by-step guide to earning college credit.

  1. Review information about CCP benefits, risks, and program requirements.
    • CCP Information sessions are conducted October 1 – February 15 at Belmont College and area high schools.
    • Notify your school guidance counselor’s office of your interest in participating in CCP by March 30.
  2. Check with the College Pathway Advisor for program requirements, guidelines, and important deadlines.
  3. Complete the free online Application for Admission to Belmont College.
  4. Determine college readiness in one of the following ways:
    • Obtain a remediation-free score on the ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER (Belmont College offers the ACCUPLACER and accepts recent ACT and/or SAT scores).
    • Have a cumulative unweighted high school grade point average of at least 3.00.
    • Have a cumulative unweighted high school grade point average of at least 2.75 but less than 3.00 and receive an “A” or “B” grade in a relevant high school course.
  5. Bring your official current school transcript to our main campus and meet with the College Pathway Advisor.
    • Call : 740.699.3815 (Jacob) or 740.699.3819  (Sarah) for an appointment.
    • Official transcript copies must arrive in a sealed envelope, sent electronically, or faxed from your high school.
  6. The College Pathway Advisor determines program eligibility and provides the appropriate paperwork, including a CCP application.
  7. Review the CCP application form with your guidance counselor and discuss desired classes. You, your parent, and guidance counselor must sign the form.
  8. Obtain all signatures and schedule an appointment with a CCP advisor.
  9. Bring the completed CCP application form to your appointment with the College Pathway Advisor, who will then register you for CCP approved courses.
  10. Attend a ‘First-Year Experience’ New Student Orientation designed specifically for high school students.
  11. Attend your classes.

Participating High Schools

  • Barnesville
  • Buckeye Local
  • Champion
  • East Richland Christian
  • Edison
  • Harrison Hills
  • Howland
  • Hubbard
  • Indian Creek
  • Jackson Milton
  • Jefferson JVS
  • Steubenville
  • Switzerland of Ohio
  • Toronto
  • Wellsville


To learn more

Contact our College Pathway Advisors with any questions:

Patrick Carbon
Phone: 740.699.3815

Sarah Fletcher

See your high school counselor for requirements and application materials.

State websites provide more information on College Credit Plus