Important reading about textbooks.

Textbooks are usually available two weeks before the start of each semester. Make sure to have your book voucher or schedule.

Book smart.

  • Used books save you 25% compared to new. They’re sold “as is,” so be sure to check for water damage and written-in answers—they disqualify the book for buyback.
  • Don’t open shrink-wrapped books and access codes or write in your books until you go to class and know you’re going to use it. Once opened or written in, books and codes can’t be returned.

Using financial aid?

  • Bring your book voucher with your financial aid award information indicated at the bottom, plus a photo ID.
  • Eligible items depend on your specific type of financial aid, but most include an allowance for supplies and one book bag.
  • You must be here in person to charge books to your financial aid account.
  • If you’re using WIOA, meet with your WIOA advisor before each semester. Make sure your book voucher includes your WIOA information to avoid sales tax.