Exam adjustment/test scheduling procedures


Students authorized for exam accommodations have three options:

  1. Take exams with the class without accommodations.
  2. Take exams with appropriate accommodations arranged by/with the instructor.
  3. Schedule/take exams with Accessibility Services and/or the Testing Center.

Student responsibilities:

  • Notify your instructor at least four days prior that you want to take an exam with Accessibility Services.
  • Notify your instructor at least two weeks prior that you want to take a final exam with AS.
  • Notify AS at least four days prior that you want to take an exam through AS, stating the name of the class, time, date, and professor.
  • Notify AS at least two weeks prior that you want to take a final exam with AS.
  • If the schedule changes, notify AS immediately.
  • To schedule a test in the center, complete the online form.
  • If your instructor proctors their own exams, notify them at least four days prior to each test/quiz and two weeks prior to final exams so they can make arrangements to proctor the exam/quiz/final in accordance with your accommodations.

Faculty responsibilities:

  • All exam materials must be delivered to AS at least two business days before the scheduled exam. Place paper materials in Mailbox #6. Email electronic materials to nwittenbrook@belmontcollege.edu.
  • If exam materials aren’t received 24 hours before the scheduled exam, AS may cancel the exam.
  • A faculty member who proctors the exam is responsible for implementing all testing accommodations.

Procedures for day of exam test/ quizzes proctored by Accessibility Services or the Testing Center:

  • Leave all books, notes, backpacks, cell phones, etc. with proctor or in the lockers. You may only use materials for which the instructor has given written permission.
  • Call AS of you are going to be late for a test or quiz. If you’re late to a scheduled exam, time may not be extended.
  • If you experience any problems, notify the proctor immediately.
  • Once an exam begins, you may only leave the testing room for a quick restroom break and breaks allowed as a designated accommodation.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the testing room unless it is a designated accommodation.
  • Notify AS of any problems or concerns.
  • Belmont College takes academic dishonesty very seriously. If cheating or other academic dishonesty is observed or suspected during tests administered by AS, the instructor will be notified immediately. Belmont College’s academic dishonesty policies and procedures are available in the Course Catalog.