Belmont College Holds District Science Fair

Chosen as the top project was that of Charles Gooch a 7th grade student from East Richland Christian. His project titled “The Effects of Topical Antibiotics on Dissolvable Sutures” received the Belmont College President’s Award. He is pictured here with Dr. Paul F. Gasparro, Belmont College President.

Talented local students showcase their science fair projects at the District 16 Science Fair held at Belmont College.

St. Clairsville, OH (April 25, 2024) – For nearly 30 years, students from local schools have displayed hundreds of science projects at Belmont College. The halls were recently filled once again with scientific inquiry.

47 students from four local schools competed in the 2024 District 16 Science Fair at Belmont College’s Main Campus in St. Clairsville on Saturday, March 23rd. This year, there were 10 teams of judges, and this was the second in-person Science Fair held on campus since 2019.

Students from the following schools participated: Bishop John King Mussio Schools-Steubenville; Coshocton County Home School; East Richland Christian School-St Clairsville; and Shenandoah-Noble Local Schools.

The District Science Fair is for students who have participated in and achieved superior scores in their school fairs or have been selected by their teachers as having exceptional projects. These projects are judged again by more rigorous standards, and the top projects among all displayed are recognized and rewarded with superior ratings and special awards sponsored by a variety of donors. The very top students are then selected to represent District 16 at the state-level competition at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. The 2024 State Science Day was a virtual event held on April 19th.

The following students received superiors this year, and as such were eligible to represent District 16 at State Science Day:

Bishop John King Mussio Central – Steubenville: Brynlee Benner; Hollis Chaney; Maria Gessler; Vanessa Grafe; Sophia Leonard; Mason Saggio; Delia Wetherell;

East Richland Christian School – St Clairsville: Domenic Alexander; Brooklyn Anderson; Halle Baum; Elizabeth Bolen; Josiah Close; Grayson Drewett; Charles Gooch; Luke Kiene; Alaina Lish; Lucas Lish;   Olivia McKeen; Amos Miller; Berea Miller; Thomas Mullen; Jackson Parsons; and Hayden Weaver.

Chosen for the Belmont College President’s award was that of Charles Gooch, a 7th grade student from East Richland Christian. His project titled “The Effects of Topical Antibiotics on Dissolvable Sutures” received the Belmont College President’s Award. He also received the ASCENT Program Award (Ohio University Russ College of Engineering and Technology), and awarded the OTTA alternate.

Also receiving top awards were Hayden Weaver, a 6th grade student from East Richland Christian, for her project titled “How Air Pressure Affects Distance of a Soccer Ball” and Delia Wetherell, an 8th grade student from Bishop John King Mussio for her project titled “What Form of Insulation is Most Effective For a Coat?” Both students received the the Ohio Tuition Trust Authority Scholarship, as well as the District 16 Science Fair Committee Excellence in Science Award.

Other special recognitions and cash awards were also given as follows:

The following students received recognitions from the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh:  Domenic Alexander; Brooklyn Anderson; Halle Baum; Brynlee Benner; Elizabeth Bolen; Vanessa Grafe; Alaina Lish; Lucas Lish; Olivia McKeen; and Jackson Parsons,

The following students received the M.J. Piccin Memorial Award from Belmont College, sponsored by Mrs. Margaret Piccin: Mason Saggio and Hayden Weaver.

The following students received the Phillip Skinner Memorial Award: Amos Miller and Thomas Mullen.

The following students received Belmont College Awards for Excellence:

  • Hollis Chaney (Behavioral and Social Sciences)
  • Josiah Close (Material Science)
  • Grayson Drewett (Animal Science)
  • Maria Gessler (Medical Science)
  • Luke Kiene (Material Science)
  • Sophia Leonard (Behavioral and Social Sciences)

Additionally, Adalee Long received the SE Ohio Water Environment Association Award and Bera Miller won the Linda and David Dunlap Continuing Project Award and the Ohio Soybean Council Foundation Award.

Special thanks to: Belmont College and Dr. Paul F. Gasparro; Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh; Mrs. Margaret M. Piccin (M.J Piccin Memorial Award); Linda and David Dunlap (Phillip Skinner Memorial Award) (Continuing project award); Mr. Juan Dunlap (Alternative Energy Award); Southeast Ohio Water Environment Association; Ohio Soybean Council Foundation; Ohio Tuition Trust Authority; District 16 Science Fair Council; Judges and Tally room assistants: Dr. Tyler Brown, Mr. Bo Caviezel, Dr. Suzanne Clutter, Dr. David Collins, Mrs. Keeley Corrick, Mr. Spencer Echemann, Mr. Ben Fulton, Mrs. Rita Fulton, Mrs. Theresa Garrett, Dr. Christopher Gooch, Ms. Sarah Lendon, Mrs. Megan Marshall, Mr. Anthony Miller, Mrs. Sandy Morelli, Mr. Ed Mower, Mr. Matt Mower, Mrs. Amanda Piegan, Mrs. Jane Powell, Mr. Boe Marcum, Mrs. Stephanie Stauver, Mr. Paul Stecker, Mrs. Kari Yockey, and Ms. Kaylynn Yockey.

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