Associate of Applied Science Degree

Code Course Title Credits
Year 1 Fall Semester
BIO2110 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
ENG1110 Composition I 3
RAD1300 Intro to Radiation Science/Patient Care 3
RAD1400 Radiographic Concepts I 3
RAD1500 Radiographic Procedures I 3
RAD1500 Clinical Practice I 1
Spring Semester
BIO2112 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
MAT1110 OR MAT1120 Allied Health Math OR Statistics 3 OR 4
RAD1450 Radiographic Concepts II 3
RAD1550 Radiographic Procedures II 3
RAD1620 Clinical Practice II 2
Summer Term
MED1105 Medical Terminology 2
PSY1120 General Psychology 3
RAD1700 Radiation Biology and Protection 3
Year 2 Spring Semester
RAD2300 Radiographic Pathology 3
RAD2400 Radiographic Concepts III 2
RAD2500 Radiographic Procedures III 3
RAD2600 Clinical Practice IV 2
Spring Semester
COM1110 OR Com1115 Interpersonal Communications OR Speech 3 OR 3
RAD2100 Registry Review/Advanced Imaging Modalities 3
RAD2650 Clinical Practice V 3