Certificate Program

Code Course Title Credits
Year 1 Fall Semester
RAD1500 Radiographic Procedures I 3
RAD1550 Radiographic Procedures II 3
RAD2500 Radiographic Procedures III 3
CTC1300 CT Patient Care and Management 3
CTC1400 CT Physics 4
CTC1500 CT Clinical Practicum 2

Note: Students who have already completed the RAD courses in the Belmont College Radiology Program, other Radiology program, may transfer. Belmont College will accept credit earned at other institutions accredited by regional accreditation agencies. The courses must be comparable in earned credit to those taught at Belmont College. No credit will be transferred with a letter grade of less than “C.” Additionally, courses taken at another college in which a letter grade of “P” (pass) was earned may be accepted. Official college transcripts must be submitted to the Belmont College Registrar’s Office. Credits will be assessed and approved at the discretion of the Radiology Program Director.