Associate of Applied Science Degree

Code Course Title Credits
Year 1 Fall Semester
BIO1110 Human Biology I 3
ENG1110 Composition I 3
MED1105 Medical Terminology 2
MED1145 Administrative Medical Assisting 3
MED1555 Clinical Medical Assisting 3
Spring Semester
MAT1110 Allied Health Math 3
BIO1112 Human Biology II 3
MED1160 Basic Pathophysiology 3
MED2245 Medical Law and Ethics 2
MED2255 Electronic Health Record Workflow 2
MED2555 Advanced Clinical Medical Assisting 3
Summer Term
MED2271 Medical Practicum 2
MED2281 Medical Seminar 2
PSY1120 General Psychology 3
Year 2 Fall Semester
CPT1100 Introduction to Computers 4
MED2258 Introduction to ICD-10CM Coding 3
MED2265 Introduction to CPT-4 Coding 3
PHL2110 Logic/Critical Thinking 3
Spring Semester
COM1110 Interpersonal Communications 3
MED2260 Introduction to Medical Billing 2
PSY1130 Human Development 3
SOC2160 Cultural/Diversity Studies 3
Elective Arts & Humanities Elective 3