Build job-ready skills.

The demand for computer networking and PC repair and troubleshooting professionals is as strong as ever. Through the Cisco Networking Academy, Belmont College can help you gain the knowledge, skills, and certifications you need to get the job you want. For over two decades, we’ve been one of 12,000 recognized Cisco Networking Academies worldwide who provide students with real-world digital networking skills.

The five courses in our curriculum combine classroom instruction, hands-on practice labs equipped with Cisco 2960 enterprise switches and Cisco 4321 enterprise routers, and on-line assessments, to prepare you for the industry certifications you need to launch your career. Course content is available online to read and study. With no cost for textbooks, the online curriculum is free. You’ll also be provided with free network simulation software to let you perform all labs at home as well as in the classroom.

  • NET1171 Introduction to Networking
  • NET1172/NET 1173 Switching, Routing and Wireless Essentials
  • NET1174 Enterprise Networking, Security and Automation
  • PC Technician course: NET1141 IT Essentials

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What you’ll learn

  • Prepare to pass the CISCO Certified Network Associate industry certification exam.
  • Prepare to pass the COMP/TIA A+ industry certification exam.

Possible careers

  • Network support engineer
  • Network administrator
  • PC repair specialist

Certified Cisco testing site

Belmont College is a Cisco Systems Networking Academy, as well as a Cisco and Microsoft certified testing center.

2+2 Transfer Options

Franklin University


Dr. Carrie White
Dean of Faculty