Associate of Applied Science Degree

Code Course Title Credits
Year 1 Fall Semester
FYE1110 First Year Experience 2
HET1410 Heavy Duty Brake Systems 2
HET1550 Powertrain and Break Systems Lab 4
HET1600 Fundamentals of Powertrain Tech 4
HET1130 College Alegbra 4
ENG1110 Composition I 3
Spring Semester
HET1540 Diesel Engine Technology 5
HET1545 Diesel Engine Lab 4
HET1190 Fuel Systems 2
HET1200 Basic Elec., Power Systems, and Motors 3
EIE2310 Hydraulics and Pneumatics 4
FST1116 Workplace Safety 1
Year 2 Fall Semester
HET1220 Hydraulics II 4
EIE1101 DC Circuits 4
HET2870 Heavy Equipment Vehicle Lab 1
HAC1100 Welding Fundamentals 2
PHY1110 Physics I 5
Spring Semester
HAC2130 A/C Systems Maintenance 3
HET2770 Heavy Equipment Electronic Systems 3
COM1110 Interpersonal Communication 3
HAC2288 Internship 1
HAC2289 Seminar 1