Associate of Applied Science Degree

Code Course Title Credits
Year 1 Fall Semester
ENG1110 Composition I 3
FST1110 Ohio Firefighter I Transition Course OR 5
FST1120 Ohio Firefighter I 7
FST1160 Emergency Medical for Firefighters 1
FST1170 Introduction to Technical Rescue 2
FST1172 Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) 1
FST2180 Hazardous Material Operations 1
Spring Semester
FST1130 Ohio Firefi ghter II Transition Course 6
FST2181 Vehicle Rescue I 2
FST2182 Confined Space Rescue 1
FST2183 Rope Rescue I 2
PHIL2130 Ethics 3
MAT1120 Statistics OR 4
MAT1130 College Algebra 4
Year 2 Fall Semester
BIO2110 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
EMT1110 Emergency Medical Technician 7
FST2101 Fire Prevention 3
FST2102 Fire Protection Services 2
FST2103 Fire Behavior & Combustion 2
Spring Semester
FST2104 Principles of Emergency Services 3
FST2105 Building Construction 3
FST2106 Principles of Fire Safety & Survival 2
FST2220 Public Safety Capstone 3
PSY1120 General Psychology 3