It takes skilled HVAC/R technicians to install, maintain, and repair the systems that keep people comfortable year-round in their homes and at work. It takes a hands-on training program to prepare for that career path. And that’s what our HVAC/R program is designed to do – help you get started toward a rewarding future in a growing field.

What you’ll learn

  • Install and service residential and commercial equipment.
  • Explore heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration theory, along with the design and construction of equipment.
  • Study the basics of maintenance and repair.

Possible careers

  • Residential HVAC installer/technician
  • Commercial HVAC/R installer/technician
  • Refrigeration mechanic
  • Indoor air quality specialist
  • Building automation system specialist
  • Start your own business (heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical & ventilation)

Employment-Ready Certifications

  • Certification through ESCO Group/ HVAC Excellence
  • No prerequisites required
  • Certificate offerings can be customized to match company’s specific needs

Upon completion, candidates are issued certificate of achievement.

Employment-Ready Certification Courses

This class will cover all of the material in the EPA Section 608 Preparatory Manual. Throughout that process, the individual should gain a basic understanding of the refrigeration cycle, the proper methods for safely handling and working with refrigerants, as well as the pro’s and con’s of the different refrigerants of the past, present, and future. The student will also learn what has and still is being done to lessen the negative effects of refrigerants on the Earth’s atmosphere and Global Warming. The student will need to be able to recall a fair amount of information directly from the manual as well as use reason based on the information from the manual in order to pass all sections of the exam.

This class will give the individual an opportunity to learn all about the brazing and soldering processes. There is a relatively short training manual to accompany the learning in the classroom. The students will learn about the types of copper, the processes, brazing, soldering, and leak testing. This will be one test of 50 questions requiring a minimum 70% correct to PASS the test and gain the certification.

This class will cover the material and demonstrate the necessary steps to safely and properly recover refrigerant. The student will also learn about what recycling and reclamation processes mean. Also includes the proper methods for the evacuation process and how to knowwhen you’ve puoled a good vacuum on a system. This is a 50 question exam requiring a minimun of %70 correct to PASS the test and gain the certification.

Certificates Offered (non-credit)

Spring Semester

  • EPA 608 Certification
  • Brazing & Soldering
  • System Recovery & Evacuation
  • A2L’s

Summer Semester

  • Residential A/C
  • Heat Pumps
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps

Fall Semester

  • Electric Heat
  • Gas Heat
  • Basic Refrigeration & Charging Procedures
  • Water Heaters
  • Mini-Split Core Essentials

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