Trained healthcare professionals are in high demand. Our State Tested Nursing Aide (STNA) courses provide fast-track training to help you qualify for an entry-level position in the field. This program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to provide basic care to patients in nursing home, home health care, and hospital settings. You’ll learn about residents’ rights, communication, safety, observation, reporting and assisting residents in maintaining basic comfort and safety.

STNA is also a prerequisite for many nursing programs including our Practical Nursing (PN) and Associate Degree Nursing (ADN).


Program Information

February 9
March 1
April 12
May 3
June 7

All items must be submitted to:

Belmont College, Nursing Department

68094 Hammond Road, St. Clairsville, OH 4395

State of Ohio and Federal (FBI) Background Check and Two-Step TB Test

Background check and two-step TB test are required before student enters the clinical setting. Student will not be allowed to complete the course if these are not received before STNA cohort enters clinical setting. No refunds will be provided due to student’s inability to provide above requirements.

Background Checks- Federal (FBI) and State of Ohio (BCI) are required. Online web-faced background checks cannot be verified and will not be accepted. Only fingerprint-based background checks are acceptable.

Background Check Location

McKeen Security, Inc. 69100 Bayberry Dr, St. Clairsville, OH 43950 (740) 699-1301 . Bring Photo ID. The cost for the BCI and FBI is $72.00 cash or check, $77.00 if you pay with a credit card (price is subject to change). Some local K-12 schools conduct background checks.  Contact them directly for information.

TB- Testing – Can be done at County Health Department, Urgent Care Centers and/or physician offices, and local drug stores. Complete ALL steps at same healthcare facility.

  • Background Checks may take up to 6 weeks for arrival to the College.
  • Belmont College is not responsible or obligated to return fees due to the results of background information which would prevent completion of the STNA program from clinical site restrictions.
  • Two Step TB testing is required and to be submitted to STNA Coordinator.
  • A two-step includes the following procedure:

    STEP 1: Receive Baseline PPD intradermal injection.

    STEP 2: Return to have injection site read within 48 to 72 hours of injection.

    STEP 3: Receive 2nd PPD intradermal injection, 7 to 21 days after first injection.

    STEP 4: Return to have injection site read within 48 to 72 hours of injection.

Tuition $723.00
Course Fees $140.00
Textbook $62.35
Workbook $18.10
Student Packet $11.00
Student Life Fee $10.00
Name Badge $5.00
Test Fee $104.00

*Subtotal Upfront Costs $1073.45

*Fees are subject to change depending on tuition and book fees. Does not include cost of state and federal background checks, TB test, uniform, or PPE equipment of gown, googles, and face mask.


Lesa Evans, RN, BSN

STNA Program Coordinator